Different Colors Of Jade – What Do They Symbolize

Aug 19, 2021 | Jadeite Jade Education

The term Jade refers to two types of materials: nephrite and jadeite. It is a  highly valued gemstone that many people favor for its metaphysical and healing properties. Many cultures use this stone for traditional and spiritual practices that help bring balance and energy to life.

Jade is a cherished material for carvings in adjustments of feng shui (the concept of balance). Many Chinese cultures consider it a precious gemstone for nobility and beauty. Jade stone has significant symbolism with several meanings, including good fortune, health, and strength. It also represents serenity, gentleness, and harmony.

Also popularly known as the “Stone of Heaven,” Jade is a durable material with a lot of spiritual significance. The powerful healing stone is believed to touch everything that comes in contact with it, so who knows, it might turn out lucky for you.

Don’t forget. It is available in various colors. This article discusses the most popular colors of the Jade stone and their meanings.


Jade Colors – Symbolism & Meaning

When it comes to Jade stones, color is possibly its most valuable factor, though many people associate the stone with its green variety. But what if we told you that the gemstone is available in several other colors as well?

Interestingly, the Jade stone exists in many colors, with each one having unique symbolism and meaning. All these varieties carry emotional, physical, and spiritual significance. Let’s look at the most popular Jade colors you can find today.


Green Jade

Green is the most popular color for Jade, which makes it the most expensive one on the market as well. On that note, green Jade is also one of the most precious gemstones on the planet. From apple greens to vibrant emeralds and yellow tones, you will find green Jade in various shades and hues.

The mesmerizing color has captivated gemstone and crystal enthusiasts for many centuries. It is the finest quality stone with a transparent appearance. The most valuable green Jade, with an emerald green color, is most popularly known as “Imperial” jade.

Green Jade represents life and growth, and wearers believe the stone can improve their life. It represents growth and renewal, giving your life a new direction. Some also believe that wearing this color of Jade can make expressing love more comfortable and easier.

Additionally, it symbolizes friendship and harmony; and in religious ceremonies, it is symbolic of heaven.


Lavender Jade

The second most popular color of jade is a light, dusty purple color referred to as “lavender”. This enchanting hue is often used in meditative ceremonies as it represents uplifting, empowerment, healing, and inspiration. Lavender can be seen as a cushion that softens the blow of emotional upheaval and inner turmoil.

The lavender color can only be found in jadeite, not nephrite. The color of lavender jadeite derives from the high presence of manganese which is not found in significant quantities in nephrite jade.

The gorgeous purple hue lends itself well to nearly any variety of translucency and texture. When deeply colored and translucent, lavender jadeite can insight peaceful and meaningful reflection. When airy and bright, this shade can enhance highly textured jadeite by accentuating the charming gossamer threads throughout the stone.


Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade typically features an intense yellowish-green color. It is a tantalizing color available in various shades, from lemon light to amber and butterscotch. This colored Jade holds a lot of significance in Chinese culture.

People in different Chinese traditions have been wearing yellow jade jewelry to attract prosperity, fortune, and friendship. The powerful gemstone also symbolizes optimism, cheerfulness, and joy. As such, it is the ideal stone to have if you want to make life easier and happier.

Yellow Jade aligns with fire, and Sun, and the planet Mars. According to many beliefs, the stone allows one to harness their power and become more creative. It changes your perspective for increased stability as well. Owing to its connection with the fire, yellow Jade gives awareness and identity.

Preventing negativity and replacing it with positivity, this jade color attracts protective energies that you may need in today’s age.


Black Jade

Commonly known for its ability to guard and protect, black Jade is another of the nephrite and jadeite stone varieties. The guardian stone looks stunning in jewelry, but it holds a lot of spiritual and emotional significance as well.

This powerful gemstone serves as an etheric bodyguard that provides energetic protection. Black jade stone acts like a shield that protects you from negative energies and psychic entities around you. By wearing a black variety of Jade, you can avoid people who drain your mental and emotional energy.

It can also save you from projecting negative emotions like bitterness, anger, etc. The most interesting part, you may ask? Black Jade can also protect you from physical harm. As such, black jade crystals provide excellent emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical protection.

Besides, black Jade stone is also ideal for people who want to become more grounded. It allows you to explore your inner self, encouraging mindful self-evaluation. You can use the black jade stone to absorb negativity around you and translate it into positivity.


Red Jade

Recognized as the chi stone, red Jade is a jadeite variety carrying warrior energy. This powerful gemstone is an excellent talisman of will and individual power.

Anyone who wears the red jade stone can get rid of negative emotions like worry, fear, and doubt, all obstacles in your path to victory. In simpler terms, this color of Jade prevents anything and everything from holding you back from accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams. The chi stone will inspire you to move forward and do everything in your power to achieve success.

Red stone stimulates life force energies, promising strength and spiritual vitality to the user. It encourages you to fight through negativity and inspires wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. Nothing can stop you from achieving success when wearing red jade stone jewelry, as it attracts good fortune at the same time.

According to various traditions, it has emotional healing properties to help you combat hesitation and fear arising from past experiences.


Brown Jade

Like red Jade, the brown jadeite variety is a chi stone that carries similar warrior energies. It can cast worries, doubts, and fears to help you fight through negative energies that hold you back from success. It encourages the wearer to take action to make life better and achieve their goals and dreams.

The brown jade stone has incredible healing properties as it is a tonic stone that can cleanse the body. It eliminates toxins from your organs, including the supra-adrenal glands, spleen, and kidney. It also possesses restorative qualities, so you can wear it for treating inflammation and pain.


Bottom Line

Jade is a powerful stone with incredible healing properties, spiritual significance, and traditional value. It has been long used to eliminate negativity and attract positive energies. The Jadeite and Nephrite varieties are available in multiple colors, each with its own distinctive symbolism and meaning. Wearing jade jewelry can transform your life for the better, and you can check out our vast collection at Luxe Pieces.